Thursday, February 3, 2011

reflections on the versailles

I felt a little overwhelmed . . .
Then I imagined myself to be a dinosaur as I walked through the Egyptian corridors of the Metropolitan and into the Temple of Dendur. It was quiet because it was a Monday and the museum was officially closed.
As I looked at the artifacts my mind went back to the time when I had gone to Egypt with a friend and visited Tutankhamen's tomb, where I saw the golden sarcophagus still in its place, under the ground in the ancient sand.
Then I flashed on the time I had come to this very museum one afternoon to meet with Diana Vreeland for a shooting. I wore some beautiful clothes designed by Charles James, then Gloria Swanson (my favorite movie star of all-time) arrived to meet Diana Vreeland for lunch. And on that day, Gloria Swanson revealed her beauty secret to me, which is now my secret.
Ah, the memories of time and place . . . (FASHION BOMB DAILY 02/03/11)

The security guard was walking ahead of me. I wanted to go faster so I left him behind because I was late for an interview that had been set for 11 a.m. I pretty much knew my way to the temple- just follow what looked like onyx sphynxes, plus jackals and ibis-headed hieroglyphics behind glass.
I had been this way before for a few other events, but this time, everything was different. This event was about me and my girlfriends, the models of La Grand Divertissement de Versailles . . . and some of my favorite designers would be here.
Well, I wasn't late for my interview and when I saw the faces of my fellow models from so many years ago, friends whom I just love! Whom I had missed! My heart melted. I'm sorry to say though (silly me), a few faces I couldn't quite place . . . not because I didn't remember them . . . but because they had changed over the years like trees grow.
I wondered how they felt about me? Probably the same, since we are all growing. I just wanted to hug them all. There are no words to describe a time full of feelings of gratitude, but mostly it seemed strange to feel as though we had walked out of a time-past and into this moment, alive and well and grown.
Then, the party started . . .
Life! Oh life! How beautiful and full of surprises! With an official proclamation in hand, I celebrated all of our good fortune. Certainly the front side of the peacock experience for me.
So what's next?
Just keep walking that runway of life!


  1. Lovely Pat, enjoying your Blog! much love

  2. You know what I love about you, Pat? You take very opportunity in life that presents itself and you come out better and greater for the experience! :-)

  3. I'm a 20yr old LBG (little brown girl) studying abroad in Paris, France. You are an inspiration for women like me because you hit the fashion scene and defined the beauty many were "afraid" to display, and some still are. I am currently working on a proposal for my Global Comm. class on "L'Evolution du Modèle Brun" and of course when I googled your name I never thought you'd have a blog. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the trail blazers before me because I am a proud LBG just trying to leave her mark on the world. You are appreciated amongst my generation along with Ms. Bethann Hardison. Thank you. Stay fabulous.

    LBG--in Paris. xoxo

  4. So nice to read your stories. You are truly Fashion Royalty.